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When Should You Hire a Zoning and Land Use Defense Attorney?


Zoning and land use issues can be challenging for local government officials. While not every zoning and planning matter requires a lawyer, there are circumstances where sound advice early on can prevent a costly resolution later.

At Neva Stotler Law, we believe in a proactive approach. Attorney Stotler has extensive experience assisting municipalities in strategic land use and zoning planning and public hearings and land use administration.

Do not hesitate to call if there is a zoning, rezoning, or land use matter that will benefit from the considerable knowledge and skill of N. Stotler Law. Schedule a consultation to discuss your case today by clicking here or calling 724-841-5565.

Zoning and Land Use Challenges Facing Municipalities

Municipalities must navigate a complicated system to develop zones within their borders. It can be difficult to balance the numerous protections, varying state and federal laws, and the concerns and wants of the community.

Municipalities must act and respond quickly to requests, leaving little room for error. Supporting documents and other drafting needs should be able to withstand a challenge. However, it is nearly unavoidable to face some businesses and residents with concerns. If they take legal action against the decision, an experienced zoning and land use attorney can help defend your position.

It is important to consult an experienced lawyer when any of the following occur:

  • An application or petition for rezoning is submitted
  • A document or application labeled as an appeal of an agency land use or zoning decision is submitted
  • A local agency law hearing is filed.
  • An individual or entity makes a threat of legal action or a request for administrative steps to appeal an agency decision
  • A request for a zoning permit, variance, special exception, or conditional use.
  • A request to be deemed an aggrieved party or to be individually notified of action related to a property
  • Before initiating legal action to enforce an ordinance or zoning decision
  • When considering a new ordinance or amendment to an ordinance
  • Challenges or concerns over farms and urban agriculture

Seeking knowledgeable counsel from N. Stotler Law can help you avoid costly missteps and ensure zoning and land use concerns are handled smoothly.

Contact an Experienced Zoning and Land Use Attorney Today

If you are a local official or a municipality, inevitably, zoning and planning issues will arise. Knowledgeable and effective counsel can help you mitigate your risk while achieving the right result for your community.

If facing legal action is unavoidable, a Pittsburgh zoning and land use defense attorney from Neva Stotler Law can advocate on your behalf. We will provide litigation services, draft important documents that stand up to challenge, and assist on a wide range of zoning and land use matters.

Schedule a consultation with Neva Stotler Law today by clicking here or calling 724-841-5565.

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