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Discipline, Separation, Severance and Termination

An unfortunate part of operating a business or entity is handling potential disciplinary issues with employees and possible termination. When an employee has to be disciplined or terminated, it is vital that employers handle these issues legally and according to policies set forth within the organization itself. The same is true for severance or separation agreements. At N. Stotler Law, our knowledgeable and experienced Pittsburgh employment lawyers are here to help ensure that your organization’s policies and procedures are designed to handle these matters adequately. We serve clients throughout central and western Pennsylvania.

Strategize processes for separation

Whether a business or organization needs to prepare for a massive layoff, a minor reduction in the workforce, or the loss of a key member of your team, it is important that the separation process is properly strategized. Any employee separation can seem like a chaotic event, but N. Stotler Law will help ensure there is a smooth transition for everybody involved.

Review and draft settlement and separation documents

Settlement and separation agreements are arrangements that an organization may make with an employee who is leaving the organization involuntarily or through a designed reduction in the workforce. Settlement agreements are drafted to resolve employment claims, seek a release or indemnification, and iron out the details of the employee’s exit. Regardless of what type of agreement you need to enter into with your employee(s), it is important that these documents are drafted to comply with the applicable laws and achieve your organizational goals.

Conduct termination proceedings, including due process hearings

Termination proceedings need to follow established policies. These proceedings can often be emotional, but they need to be impartial. They are an opportunity to gather information regarding the employee’s view of the issues, possible defenses, and matters that the organization needs to address. Moreover, some employees have specific due process rights when being accused of wrongdoing and discharged. Failure to follow due process, when required, can be fatal to your attempts to eliminate a bad employee from the workforce, and will be expensive to fix. When you turn to N. Stotler Law to conduct termination proceedings, you can be sure the process will be done correctly.

Contact an attorney for help today

Whether you are a major corporation, smaller business, or governmental entity, it is vital that you have proper disciplinary, separation, severance, and termination policies and procedures in place. At N. Stotler Law, our Pittsburgh employer defense attorney is going to ensure your organization is handling these matters appropriately. We serve not just the Pittsburgh area, but also all of central and western PA. It does not matter whether your business or organization is new or has been around for decades, we are here to help. You can contact us for a consultation of your case by clicking here or calling 724-841-5565.