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Pittsburgh Discrimination Defense Attorney

The vast majority of employees in today’s workforce are protected by The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The EEOC is responsible for handling complaints surrounding discrimination in the workplace. If you have had a discrimination complaint filed against you, you could be facing serious penalties.

For this reason, it is critical that you take steps to defend yourself against the discrimination complaint against you. Contact a respected Pittsburgh discrimination defense attorney at N. Stotler Law to start working on your defense strategy today.

When an Employee Might File a Claim for Discrimination

Employees may feel it necessary to file a claim for discrimination in a number of different circumstances. Some of the more common types of discrimination defense cases we have taken on include:

  • Racial discrimination defense
  • Religious discrimination defense
  • Gender discrimination defense
  • Sexual orientation discrimination defense
  • Sexual-harassment discrimination defense
  • Disability discrimination defense
  • Religious discrimination defense
  • Wrongful termination defense

According to the EEOC, approximately forty percent of discrimination allegations are surrounding retaliation. But according to The Washington Post, as much as eighty-two percent of the EEOC’s closed workplace discrimination cases result in zero relief for the complainant.

If you hope to avoid having to pay out on a complaint about any type of discrimination, it is critical that you get an experienced discrimination defense lawyer representing your interests.

What to Expect From Your Discrimination Case

If a discrimination complaint has been filed against you or your company, then there are a couple of different ways that your case could begin. The first is with the EEOC. If your employee or former employee filed a claim with the EEOC, then there will likely be an administrative hearing where your attorney will need to represent you.

It is also possible that employees may elect to pursue their claim in court. Here, they are opting out of the EEOC’s administrative hearings, but instead have their case heard by a judge in Superior Court.

You need to make sure that you have a legal advocate on your side who is not afraid to bring your case to court if necessary. We have experience in representing both employees and employers alike. This means that we have a unique understanding of how employees who may feel wronged may approach their case.

We will be prepared to help you negotiate with your employee, handle any actions or inactions, and avoid having to pay out considerable damages as a result of a discrimination lawsuit against you.

Contact a Pittsburgh Discrimination Defense Lawyer Today

Discrimination complaints in the workplace are not uncommon. But if your company has been accused of discrimination, it is imperative that you clear your name. Not only could a discrimination complaint destroy your company’s reputation, but it could also have a dramatic impact on your ability to remain in business.

Make sure to take steps to defend yourself. Reach out to an experienced discrimination defense attorney in Pittsburgh at N. Stotler Law. Schedule your no-risk consultation when you fill out our convenient contact form or call our office at 724-841-5565.