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Pay & Compensation

Your employees are the backbone of your business or municipality, and it is important that you remain aware of wage and hour laws. The majority of wage and hour violations involve unpaid overtime compensation or employees incorrectly classified by an employer as an employee exempt from overtime or as an independent contractor. Attorney Neva Stotler of N. Stotler Law is an experienced litigator who can assist your business or municipality’s day-to-day pay and compensation issues. When a dispute arises, Attorney Stotler will be ready to review and handle the claim appropriately.

Hourly and wage issues

A pay and compensation attorney in the Pittsburgh area is going to ensure that your organization, first and foremost, is in compliance with both federal and state equal pay laws. While this certainly includes paying minimum wage, this also includes ensuring employees are paid overtime when warranted, and that appropriate commissions are paid to workers (when they are commission-based).

What happens if an employee has a grievance about their pay and reports the organization to a state or federal regulatory body?

That is where N. Stotler Law comes in. Attorney Stotler can defend these claims and will do so by conducting an audit of wage and hour issues within your organization. By having someone on the inside to investigate these issues, you can be sure you are properly defended.

Pay structures, increases, raises, and evaluations

You will want to have a comprehensive pay structure system outlined for your organization. This takes away any arbitrary or subjective pay increases or decreases and helps to alleviate any potential employee grievances.

You should have a system in place that outlines how and when employees get wage increases. This could be based on longevity, skills, training, experience, or a combination thereof. However, you need to ensure every employee is consistently evaluated when it comes to wage-related issues. N. Stotler Law can help your organization create and maintain this system and can even help conduct pay and compensation evaluations.

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If you are a small to mid-sized business or municipality, then you understand the frustrations of keeping up with pay and compensation for your employees. Unfortunately, there are times when disputes over wage and hourly issues may arise. When this occurs, contact N. Stotler Law today. Our pay and compensation attorney is ready to assist employers throughout the Pittsburgh area. Let Attorney Neva Stotler ensure you remain legal in your day-to-day business operations and handle any disputes that arise. You can contact us for a consultation on your case by clicking here or calling 724-841-5565.