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Pittsburgh Small Business Employment Attorney

When you own a small business, you wear many hats at the same time. Your primary concern is always keeping it running, making the widgets, providing the service, whatever it is you do to generate a profit and make a living. But you are also the human resources director, the supervisor, the marketing expert, and the troubleshooter. You live by the adage that sometimes (most of the time) it’s easier to just do things yourself. You hear the word “lawyer” and you think expensive, complicated, and overhead. The reality is those small business owners engage in business-related activities each day that would benefit from legal support. N. Stotler Law is here to help when you need small business strategies, employment, and human resource advice, and practical solutions in Pittsburgh or the surrounding areas. Attorney Stotler understands the challenges that small business owners face on a daily basis, and she will help you handle any situation that may arise.

What will a PA small business attorney do?

A small business attorney in Pittsburgh can help you handle a range of matters. First and foremost, an attorney will help ensure that your business is in compliance with the laws in Pennsylvania. More than that, a small business attorney can help with the following:

  • Create business-smart policies, forms and processes

    It is crucial for small businesses in Pennsylvania to ensure that policies, forms, and processes are in order to mitigate liability to protect the present and future of the company. An attorney can help ensure this is done properly.

  • Formulate financing strategies

    Small businesses in Pennsylvania may need help obtaining financing opportunities, leasing equipment or staff, locating and securing space to conduct their operation. An attorney can help with this process as well as review any paperwork revolving around financing or leasing.

  • Comply with city and county codes

    A Pennsylvania small business attorney can help you navigate through any complex city or county codes to ensure that you remain in compliance in your respective jurisdictions.

  • Ensure proper hiring and employment practices

    Small businesses must remain compliant with federal and state laws when hiring and employing personnel. Sometimes, without ill-intent, small business owners stumble into discriminatory issues, wage payment problems, and more. A small business attorney in Pennsylvania will help ensure that businesses remain compliant.

  • Handle employee discipline issues

    Even small businesses need to have a proper discipline system in place, particularly if they have to terminate an employee. A small business lawyer can help develop an adequate disciplinary process, and they can even handle disciplinary hearings if necessary.

Contact a small business attorney for help today

If you own a small business and have any legal questions, you need to speak to an attorney as soon as possible. Do not leave important questions unanswered. At N. Stotler Law, you can count on having a qualified small business employment attorney by your side to ensure that you are doing the right thing for your company. There is no need for you to tackle sensitive legal matters on your own. When you need a small business employment attorney in Pittsburgh or the surrounding areas, you can contact us for a consultation of your case by clicking here or calling 724-841-5565.