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Hiring & Recruiting

If you own or operate a small to mid-sized business or municipality in or around Western Pennsylvania, then you likely regularly deal with hiring employees. This process can be complicated, and it is important that all public and private entities stay within the bounds of the law when hiring and recruiting. This includes understanding that discrimination during the hiring and recruiting process is closely scrutinized. At N. Stotler Law, you can count on our employment law attorney to help you with all of your hiring and recruitment needs.

Hiring for your organization can be difficult

If you own or operate a small to mid-sized business or municipality in or around Western Pennsylvania, then you could benefit from outside help with hiring and recruiting. Employees are the backbone of any organization, so you need to be sure you do this right. At N. Stotler Law, our hiring and recruiting attorney is here to help.

  • You need to have a standardized set of processes and policies for selection and hiring in place. This includes being cognizant of state and federal laws that bar discrimination from any part of the hiring or employment process.
  • You should have a standard and well-thought-out set of questions for interviews as well as someone who is trained to ask these questions the right way, using proper interviewing techniques, and producing appropriate documentation to support hiring decisions. Attorney Stotler can handle this for you.
  • Your organization may require pre-employment and post-employment offer testing and evaluation as part of the hiring process. These tests and evaluations should be nondiscriminatory and designed to help you find the right workers for your team.

Recruiting and hiring are such an important, but often overlooked part of a business or municipality. That is understandable. After all, your focus needs to be on the day-to-day operation of your organization. However, you can turn the recruiting and hiring processes over to N. Stotler Law. Regardless of the level of assistance you need with your hiring and recruiting, the firm is here to help. Attorney Neva Stotler will create a comprehensive and unbiased system for recruitment and hiring so you can focus on operating your organization.

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If you are a small to mid-sized public or private entity anywhere in the Pittsburgh area, you may need assistance when it comes to hiring and recruiting. At N. Stotler Law, you can count on having an attorney by your side that understands the legal aspects of the recruiting and hiring process. Attorney Neva Stotler has decades of experience helping businesses and municipalities with all of their recruiting and hiring needs. You can contact us for a consultation on your case by clicking here or calling 724-841-5565.