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Zoning and Land Use Defense

Zoning and land use issues require both political decision-making as well as legal expertise. When you are a municipality or governmental agency, land use issues often become the focus of difficult and controversial decisions that need to be made. At N. Stotler Law, we are here to help provide strategic insight and strong government relations to zoning and land use issues. Attorney Stotler is ready to help you work through ordinance creation and amendments, strategic planning, and development permit reviews and approvals, land use application considerations, and public hearing processes necessary when considering requests for land developments, conditional uses, special exceptions, and variances.

What is zoning and land use law?

Land use and zoning law consist of regulations regarding the use and development of public and private real estate within certain boundaries. Zoning refers to the most common type of land-use regulation and is used by municipalities to control property development within their defined borders. Other common legal issues pertaining to land use include trespassing, easements, and eminent domain.

Zoning regulations usually divide municipalities into various zones:

  • Residential zones
  • Commercial zones
  • Industrial zones

Zoning laws are intended to maintain order and efficiency within the borders of the municipality while keeping every zone optimized for its intended purpose.

Why do municipalities need a zoning and land use attorney?

When most people think of attorneys being used for land use and zoning, they think of citizens opposing offensive uses or development. However, municipalities rarely willfully conduct actions that are illegal. That would simply be against their best interests. The reality is land use and zoning is governed by a set of laws and regulations that require municipalities to act promptly in considering the request, creating a record that supports a decision and can withstand challenge. A skilled zoning and land use attorney who understands these issues can assist local government in achieving the right result for the community, avoiding costly legal challenges if appropriate legal processes are not followed.

The goal is to ensure that every action taken by a municipality concerning land use and zoning is legally sound. Yes, there will always be legal challenges brought by residents and businesses within municipal limits concerning zoning and land use issues. However, with a qualified Pennsylvania zoning and land use defense attorney by your side, you can ensure that these matters will be handled competently.

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If you are a municipality and dealing with the zoning and land use issues on a regular basis, you must have legal assistance by your side at all times. At N. Stotler Law, you can count on having a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to help you deal with the complicated legal matters surrounding zoning and land use. When you need a zoning and land use defense attorney in Pennsylvania, you can contact us for a consultation of your case by clicking here or calling 724-841-5565.