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Investigate Employee or Third-Party Complaints

Complaints of misconduct within a business or organization can occur at any time. Whether these complaints are based on fact or merely speculation, an employer must be ready to respond to any complaints with a prompt and thorough investigation. The mindset of the employer needs to be about protecting employees as well as the organization itself. At N. Stotler Law, our Pittsburgh employment attorneys have extensive experience handling these cases, and we are ready to get to work handling any employee or third party complaints on your behalf. We are ready to help employers in these situations throughout western and central Pennsylvania.

Sexual Harassment

In the midst of the #MeToo era, it is important to recognize that workplace behaviors that once may have been overlooked are rising to the spotlight. Sexual harassment in the workplace should not be tolerated. It is illegal, but it is also bad for business. At N. Stotler Law, we recognize that every allegation by an employee or third party of sexual harassment made within your organization deserves a full and thorough investigation.


Discrimination in the workplace is regulated by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC). Employers cannot discriminate against anybody based on the following:

  • Race or color
  • Ethnicity or nationality
  • Sex (orientation and gender)
  • Marital status
  • Religion (or lack of religion)
  • Pregnancy status
  • Disability
  • Age

If regulators determine that the allegations made against your organization are factual, this could result in civil penalties, orders for remediation, legal fees, and payment of damages to injured employees. An employer defense attorney Neva Stotler will conduct a thorough investigation into all employee or third party allegations of discrimination, issue a professional report, and provide recommendations and testimony, if necessary, on your behalf.

Police Misconduct

Police misconduct is a serious topic throughout the United States. While recognizing that law enforcement officials have incredibly difficult and stressful jobs, any allegations of misconduct on the part of a law enforcement employee must be taken seriously and be thoroughly investigated by the governmental entity involved. These issues are a unique confluence of employment, union, and the Constitution. N. Stotler Law has the experience necessary to handle all aspects of both internal and external complaints against police officers and officials. An investigation in these cases will be conducted to achieve the best possible outcome for all involved.

Equal Pay

State and federal equal pay laws prohibit any employer from discriminating against employees in their pay on the basis of sex. Particularly, employers are prohibited from paying employees of one sex a rate of pay that is lower than the rate of pay to employees of the opposite sex for equal work on jobs that require a similar skill set, effort, or responsibility. N. Stotler Law will thoroughly investigate any allegation of unequal pay, work to determine the facts of the case, and help bring the matter to a successful resolution for all parties involved.

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If your business or organization is facing any employee or third party complaints, you need to be ready to respond with an impartial yet thorough investigation. This is what you owe to your employees, to organizational stakeholders, and yourself. At N. Stotler Law, our Pittsburgh employment lawyers have extensive experience handling these situations, and we will ensure that you are treated fairly to reach the best possible outcome. We work with employers throughout central and western PA. You can contact us for a consultation of your case by clicking here or calling 724-841-5565.