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Employer Legal Support

While most people may wonder why an employer needs legal support, business owners and operators know full well that they need legal assistance when it comes to handling most aspects of their business operations. Even the most conscientious employers will need help from a lawyer. Sometimes this involves in-house counsel, while other times, it involves bringing in temporary assistance from outside legal teams. When you need a Pittsburgh employment lawyer, contact N. Stotler Law today. We are ready to help companies navigate the complexities of any employment or labor law issues you may face throughout central and western Pennsylvania.

Defend employee-initiated claims and litigation

We are fully prepared to help if an employee files a complaint of discrimination against your business with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC) or in state or federal courts. Attorney Stotler has experience in most administrative venues and has tried jury and bench trials in state and federal courts.

Management labor issues

N. Stotler Law is ready to assist you with various labor issues related to your business. This can include implementing collective bargaining agreements, engaging in collective bargaining, and managing grievances. We will also be ready to defend against charges of unfair labor practices.

Training, employees, and supervisors

All employers should ensure that their employees and supervisors are properly trained on internal and external employment issues in order to protect the employer. Annual training on issues related to sexual harassment, discrimination, and disciplinary issues is recommended. You may have the best policies written, but these policies will be useless if your employees or supervisors don’t understand them, and fail to follow and implement them. N. Stotler Law will ensure that your supervisors and employees receive proper training. Employees will understand the seriousness of sexual harassment and discrimination, and supervisors will learn proper disciplinary and termination procedures.


Company policies are necessary for setting expectations for your employees and are the backbone of any good defense. Often policy review and updates are the last things you want to deal with. N. Stotler Law will create a process for policy review that meets your needs and time frame–from a complete review and re-write, to single policy drafting, to a custom set of policies, training, and distribution.

Investigate employee or third-party complaints

A good defense starts with a prompt, thorough investigation into allegations of misconduct. Whether a complaint is initiated by an employee or third party, allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination, wage violations, police misconduct or other wrongdoing cannot simply be swept under the rug. A professional investigation is a keystone in remediating issues that plague your workplace and creating a defense to current and future claims against you. N. Stotler Law is ready to help private employers, local governments and police departments investigate an employee or third-party complaints of misconduct.

Discipline, separation, severance, and termination

All employers must have a uniform system in place for disciplinary actions. Both the employer and the employee need to understand the disciplinary process as well as the processes involved in separation, severance, and termination. N. Stotler Law will help draft these policies, as well as separation and severance documents. We are also able to conduct termination proceedings, including due process hearings.

Let us help you with your Pittsburgh employment law issues today

While much of this can seem overwhelming, the good news is that you can rely on a competent and experienced attorney to help you through this. When you contact N. Stotler Law, you are getting help from someone with extensive experience handling these claims. Attorney Neva Stotler handles all areas of employment law and has experience representing private companies and local governments throughout central and western Pennsylvania. You can contact us for a consultation on your case by clicking here or calling 724-841-5565.