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Local Government Services

N. Stotler Law has extensive experience helping local government agencies handle their legal needs. Attorney Stotler understands that local governments must stay abreast of new and changing laws and how they impact government operations, time, and budget. Let our Pittsburgh employment lawyers help your governmental agency handle the myriad of legal issues you may face. We specialize in helping municipalities throughout western and central Pennsylvania.

Strategic planning and defending zoning and land use planning matters

Municipalities rely on zoning and land use policies to properly manage the areas under their jurisdiction. However, these issues can be controversial. There are often conflicts related to zoning and land use issues between the governmental authority, residents, and business owners, as well as conflicts with other municipal authorities. N. Stotler Law has the experience necessary to handle all of your zoning and land use matters, including preparing for public hearings and handling any conflicts that arise.

Intergovernmental Cooperation Act agreements

Intergovernmental cooperation agreements are defined as arrangements between two or more local governments with the purpose of achieving common goals, providing mutual services, or solving mutual problems. These agreements are governed by Pennsylvania laws and can range from simple to complex, and can be very effective in coordinating the efforts of multiple municipalities and government agencies, stretching municipal dollars, and delivering a wide range of services. Attorney Neva Stotler will handle the details of any Intergovernmental Cooperation Act agreements for your municipality.

Employee matters, including due process hearings

Just like any business, a governmental entity relies on its employees to function. It is vital that the government agency, as an employer, follow all federal and state employment laws as well as the State and U.S. Constitutions. This includes ensuring that there is no employment discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace. This also includes dealing with fair wages, overtime, and equal pay.

Contract review, administration, and procurement

Local governments need and use contracts to conduct business. However, governments operate under strict laws regarding the types of contracts, amounts of contracts, and the public process of bidding for products and services. Employment contracts are limited in the way in which they can be used. Construction within municipalities and road projects involves contracts that require review, administration, and procurement.

Right to Know Law and Sunshine Act compliance

In Pennsylvania, The Right to Know Law is an open records act that promotes transparency in government and exists to identify public records and adjudicate disputes about what documents do and do not need to be produced to the public. It also dictates processes that local governments must follow to be accountable for document requests, the timing of responses, and what is produced. Similarly, the Sunshine Act dictates that government business must be conducted in open meetings with opportunities for the public to observe and comment. Conversely, there are exceptions to the law for times where private conversations among government officials are appropriate. Both of these laws impact the government every day. Navigating the requirements is a chore, and N. Stotler can assist in setting up processes for compliance, formulate responses, and litigate claims from the public that violations have occurred.

Acquisition or disposition of personal and real property

For various reasons, a municipality will often need to acquire personal and real property. It may also need to dispose of property at certain times. For example, a municipality may need to acquire property on which to construct a new government building. Additionally, if property a local government owns is no longer of use to it, the municipality may need to sell it off.

These processes involve legal nuances and such other complex factors as assessing the value of a property, entering into contracts, and more. These processes can be streamlined with the help of legal experts who specialize in offering local government services. Legal experts can coordinate with experts to ensure the value of properties is accurately determined, they can review and draft contracts, they can facilitate the sale of personal and real property, and much more.

Representation in matters involving sanitary sewer, stormwater, and water distribution systems

Numerous laws and regulations exist in regard to sanitary sewer, stormwater, and water distribution systems in an effort to protect both the public and the environment.

How a firm offering local government services in relation to these matters can help you will vary depending on your specific needs. For example, perhaps a municipality needs to seek state appropriations for stormwater management projects. They may benefit from legal representation in these circumstances.

Municipalities are also required to comply with state regulations in regard to the management of sanitary sewer systems and water distribution systems. Attorneys who understand these matters can work with a municipality to ensure it is operating in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and they can (if necessary) provide representation to municipalities if they are ever subject to enforcement actions or if public interest groups voice opposition to permit applications.

In some instances, lawyers providing local government services may also be involved in such tasks as obtaining water rights, developing legislation that may relate to these topics, and more.

Again, the laws which apply to these systems are vast and complex. If you have any questions about the management of sanitary sewer, stormwater, and water distribution systems, or if you believe you could generally benefit from the services of legal experts who have helped other municipalities navigate these topics in the past, it’s best to contact our team and discuss what we can do for you.

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