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Why You Should Hire a Lawyer when Developing Disciplinary Policies for your Business


Rules of conduct and discipline settle the expectations of employees in the workplace.  Everyone operates more efficiently if they know what is expected, how expectations will be measured, and the consequences of failing to meet expectations. There are negative legal consequences for businesses if disciplinary policies are not put in place and applied consistently. Businesses should consult with a lawyer to help establish a clear and direct disciplinary policy. Here are several reasons why counseling with an experienced Pittsburgh employment law attorney is necessary when developing a disciplinary policy.

Assure That Policies Are Not Violating Federal Regulations

There are multiple federal regulations concerning family leave, occupational health and safety, and overtime wages. If a business owner establishes a disciplinary policy that violates federal and state law, the business owner can face serious legal ramifications. Employment law attorneys can thoroughly review the disciplinary policy to ensure that the policies do not violate any federal or state regulations.

Suggest Additional Disciplinary Provisions

Employment law attorneys can incorporate provisions into disciplinary policies that the business owner may not consider. For example, employees represented by labor unions are entitled to different processes than non-bargaining unit employees. Suggesting policies that do not run afoul of union member rights avoids costly conflict and will benefit companies in the long run.

Update Disciplinary Policies Consistently

Workforce laws and regulations can change, and business owners do not want to constantly take the time to add any updates to the disciplinary policies. Employment law attorneys can help with updates by reviewing the disciplinary policy continually and keeping the policy up to date. Employment law attorneys can also remind business owners to inform employees of the updated policies and sign a copy for acknowledgment.

Include Fair Policies for Employees

Employment law attorneys can also incorporate provisions that explain processes of an investigation that protect employees, including, employee opportunities to be heard before a decision is made.

Call a Pittsburgh Employment Law Attorney Today

Suppose you are the owner of a small or mid-sized business in or around the Pittsburgh area, and you have questions regarding the development of disciplinary policies. In that case, you need to seek legal assistance. Employment lawyer Neva Stotler Law has extensive experience handling these issues and will help you properly examine your business needs. You can contact us to schedule a consultation for your case by calling our office at 724-841-5565.

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