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Intergovernmental Cooperation Act Agreements

There are more than 2,500 municipalities within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This includes various boroughs, cities, townships, and an incorporated town. With this number of municipalities, it is vital that there is an opportunity for cooperation between and among them. Pennsylvania municipalities have countless opportunities to collaborate, but such collaborations must be done orderly and legally. At N. Stotler Law, you can count on having an attorney by your side who has extensive experience establishing, adjusting, and implementing intergovernmental cooperation agreements in Pennsylvania.

Intergovernmental cooperation happens at every level in Pennsylvania

Municipalities in Pennsylvania derive their authority from laws adopted by the General Assembly. The intergovernmental cooperation provision in Pennsylvania law was part of 1968 revisions to the Commonwealth’s constitution. The General Assembly passed the Intergovernmental Cooperation Act in 1972.

Some of the common types of intergovernmental agreements in Pennsylvania pertain to:

  • Fire and EMS departments
  • Law enforcement activities
  • School districts
  • Libraries
  • Street maintenance
  • Stormwater management districts
  • Public transportation
  • Natural resources
  • Planning and zoning
  • …and more

The job of an attorney in these situations is to thoroughly review intergovernmental cooperation agreements between municipalities. If a new intergovernmental cooperation agreement is being created, the entire process needs to be thoroughly reviewed, from top to bottom. An attorney will help everybody involved understand:

  • The scope of the intergovernmental agreement
  • The benefit the municipality gains from the agreement
  • The obligations of each municipality under the agreement
  • Provisions for ending any intergovernmental agreement

Additionally, intergovernmental cooperation agreements need to be reviewed periodically to ensure their intended purpose is still being met. An attorney can review the agreement and make proposed changes. If an intergovernmental cooperation agreement needs to be terminated, an attorney will be able to ensure that the termination occurs according to the rules of the initial agreement.

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