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Municipal Solicitor Services

Municipal Solicitor Services

Are you involved in local government in Pennsylvania? If so, you likely already know that government leaders and agencies, much like the private sector, must consider a number of laws, regulations, and similar legal factors in virtually all areas of their operations.

This aspect of running a local government does not need to be as overwhelming as it may seem. Working with a municipal solicitor who has experience in local government can simplify what may otherwise be complex topics. If you believe your government could benefit from municipal solicitor services, contact N. Stotler Law, serving municipalities throughout Pennsylvania, to learn more.

What Does a Municipal Solicitor Do?

The role of a municipal solicitor and the services they provide can vary somewhat depending on the specific needs of a given municipality but is called out in the authorizing legislation as being responsible for all legal matters in the municipality. Essentially, a municipal solicitor helps local governments navigate various legal issues. Services a municipal solicitor may provide include (but are not necessarily limited to) the following:


Local government agencies and leaders may not always be certain whether certain decisions they plan to make or actions they plan on taking are in accordance with the law. To avoid legal trouble, they may consult with the municipal solicitor to learn about any relevant laws or legal precedents that may apply to their decisions and operations.

Many local governments that have enlisted the services of a municipal solicitor have found that doing so helps them save money in the long run. When a legal expert is permitted to be involved in the process of making key decisions, the odds that a government will be the target of a lawsuit tend to be minimized.

This can also improve a government’s relationship with the public. By working with a municipal solicitor, governments may reduce taxpayer expenses.


There are instances when local governments or government leaders are subject to lawsuits or similar forms of legal action. Sometimes, this is because they have genuinely violated the law. However, this is not always the case.

Municipal solicitors may also be of service in these instances. If your local government or an entity within it is the target of legal action, your municipal solicitor could potentially defend against such actions.

Other legal services

A municipal solicitor might also handle a range of other legal tasks that can help local governments operate more smoothly. For example, if a municipality itself plans to file a lawsuit, the municipal solicitor can prepare, and file said lawsuit on behalf of the municipality. He or she may also help draft and review contracts, leases, deeds, and other such documents that may be necessary for a government to operate.

Essentially, the municipal solicitor of a local government is that government’s on-hand legal expert. When a borough, township, or city needs legal assistance, the municipal solicitor provides it.

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Neva Stotler of N. Stotler Law has over the last several decades served as municipal solicitor for Western Pennsylvania Communities and has brought her career-long experience in local government to this work. . For more information about what she can do for your local government, contact our office online or call us at 724-841-5565.