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Employee Policy Development

employee policy development counseling

Developing employee policies is among your top responsibilities when running an organization. It can also be one of the most overwhelming, easily put off, but essential to your business.

Don’t let this task cause more stress than is necessary. At N. Stotler Law, we are on hand to assist you in establishing a set of policies that position your company for success.

What Are Employee Policies?

Employee policies can cover a range of topics. The following are just a few examples to consider:

Breaks, meals, and time off

It’s important that employees be provided with time off and breaks in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations. However, it often is not enough to simply abide by the law. You must also consider how policies regarding breaks, mealtime, leave, and time off, in general, can impact employee engagement. Optimizing these policies can also play a significant role in attracting talented candidates and retaining current employees.

A skilled HR professional can assist you in developing these policies in a manner that best suits your organization. They will help you abide by the law while also accounting for the way in which these policies may affect the attitudes of employees working for your company.

Dress code policies

Don’t underestimate the importance of carefully considering the potential ramifications of your dress code policy. Your dress code can impact the way clients perceive your organization when they visit your offices. It can create exposure to discrimination claims if not drafted properly. Additionally, a dress code will typically have a substantial influence on your overall company culture. Reach out to an employee policy development specialist to discuss this topic in more detail.

Pay scale policies

Establishing clear and transparent pay scale policies is important for several reasons. First, by officially determining what employees should earn based on such factors as performance and the “tier” their position sits at in the company, you will minimize confusion regarding how much an employee should be paid when they are hired or when they are given a promotion.

Transparent pay scales also affect employee trust. Employees tend to appreciate when their employers clearly define how different workers are to be paid. This eliminates confusion and hostility when one employee earns more than another.

Harassment and bullying policies

Naturally, you want your workplace to be one in which bullying and harassment are not to be tolerated. However, if you do not clearly define which types of behaviors qualify as bullying or harassment, enforcing anti-bullying and anti-harassment policies will be challenging.

This is another element of your employee policies which requires accounting for various laws. Laws regarding bullying and harassment in the workplace must serve as the foundation of your policies. With the help of a lawyer experienced in policy development, you can build upon this foundation to ensure every member of your workforce understands which behaviors will and will not be tolerated.

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An ideal employee policy development specialist should be someone with a thorough understanding of the laws which can affect the nature of your policies. At N. Stotler Law, we will work with you to develop employee policies that serve to help your organization grow in a compliant, manner. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact us online or call us at 724-841-5565 today.