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Employer workers compensation counseling

Purchasing workers’ compensation insurance is an essential responsibility for the majority of Pennsylvania employers. However, determining exactly which type of workers’ compensation insurance plan offers the right coverage for your organization can prove challenging.

Making these decisions is easier when you have expert assistance. At N. Stotler law, serving Pittsburgh area employers, we offer employer workers’ compensation counseling services. This brief overview explains how they can be extremely valuable.

The Benefits of Employer Workers’ Compensation Counseling Services

Most employers in Pennsylvania are required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance. This form of insurance allows injured or sick workers who were harmed on-the-job to recover financial compensation for medical bills and lost wages instead of absorbing these costs themselves. In exchange, employees typically cannot take legal action against their employers after sustaining injuries or developing health problems as a result of workplace accidents and conditions.

Coordinating with an expert who offers employer workers’ compensation counseling services may benefit you and your company in the following critical ways:

Preventing financial losses

You might hesitate to arrange for workers’ compensation counseling services because, as a wise business owner, you generally try to save money whenever possible without cutting corners. You might think this service is an expense you can’t justify right now.

That’s understandable. However, it’s important to consider how working with a professional to review your workers’ compensation needs can actually help you save money in the long run.

If you do not purchase sufficient workers’ compensation insurance as required under Pennsylvania law, an injured worker could file a lawsuit against you. The financial consequences of losing the case may be devastating for your company.

This doesn’t need to happen. An employer workers’ compensation counseling professional can minimize your chances of being the target of a lawsuit by confirming you have all the workers’ compensation insurance you will need.

Avoiding legal trouble

Pennsylvania employers who fail to purchase workers’ compensation insurance can face prosecution. Similar to a lawsuit, a criminal case may result in financial losses so great your company will be unable to survive. These circumstances can also negatively impact your reputation. You’ll likely find it difficult to attract customers, employees, partners, and investors in the future if your company gets into legal trouble due to lack of proper workers’ compensation.

This is another consequence that can be avoided. Give yourself and your partner peace of mind by enlisting the help of employer workers’ compensation counselors who can identify whether you have left yourself exposed to prosecution.

Saving time

Evaluating what your organization’s workers’ compensation insurance needs are, developing a plan to meet said needs, and implementing that plan are all tasks that can prove very challenging if you lack the necessary experience.

If you attempt to handle these tasks on your own, you might spend more time on them than planned, stopping you from focusing on other essential business priorities. Avoid this by taking advantage of employer workers’ compensation counseling services.

Contact a Workers’ Compensation Counseling Expert

At N. Stotler Law, our workers’ compensation counseling professionals assist employers throughout the Pittsburgh area in these critical matters. We’re prepared to do the same for you, learning about your needs to develop a workers’ compensation plan that’s right for your business. Get started today by contacting us online or calling us at 724-841-5565.