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Employer Handbook Attorney

Employers need to provide their workers with handbooks explaining company policies and addressing other vital topics. A strong handbook can help an employer guard against a range of potential disputes and other such circumstances which could otherwise arise if a handbook doesn’t contain all the necessary information it should.
Strongly consider hiring an employer handbook attorney to assist you in creating an ideal handbook for your organization. At N. Stotler Law, serving employers in and around Pittsburgh, we will work closely with you on this critical task, learning about your company and workforce to create a valuable resource for everyone.

The Benefits of Working With an Employer Handbook Attorney

Coordinating with an expert when developing handbooks for employees is a wise decision for numerous reasons. By taking steps to ensure your employer and employee handbooks are thorough, you can avoid potentially costly consequences in the long run.

Specific benefits of working with an employer handbook attorney include the following:

Establishing clear expectations and rules

There may be times when, as an employer, you will need to discipline or terminate employees because they have violated company policies or rules. However, if these rules have not been clearly established, a worker may consider taking legal action against you, claiming you are guilty of discrimination or wrongful termination.

This is less likely to occur if your employee handbook thoroughly covers essential expectations and rules for all those who work for you. An employer handbook attorney can ensure your handbook addresses this critical topic. They can also explain whether certain rules you wish to include are or are not enforceable.

Establishing processes

Your goal may be to cultivate a workplace in which employees are always safe and comfortable. Unfortunately, you may not always be able to prevent workplace accidents or workplace harassment.

What you can do, however, is provide your employees with clear means of reporting these incidents when they occur.

Your employer and employee handbooks should address processes for reporting on-the-job accidents, workplace harassment, and other issues that can potentially arise in the future. This is another way in which developing a handbook with the assistance of a professional can help you avoid legal trouble in the future.

Optimizing language

It is not enough to draft an employee handbook that technically addresses all relevant topics that should be covered in a handbook of this nature. It’s also vital that your handbook’s language be both precise and easy for all employees to understand.

An employer handbook attorney can help if you are struggling to put together a handbook with effective language. Having a neutral outside party assess the current language of your handbook and make adjustments when necessary will ensure you are getting all your points across properly.

Contact an Employer Handbook Attorney

If you are a Pittsburgh area employer in need of help strengthening your internal handbooks, an employer handbook attorney at N. Stotler Law can provide valuable assistance. Learn more by contacting us online or calling us at 724-841-5565.