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Employer Race Discrimination Attorney

Are you an employer who has been accused of race discrimination by a current or former worker? If so, it is important that you enlist the help of legal professionals who can assist you in proving that these accusations are false.

At N. Stotler Law, an employer race discrimination attorney is prepared to review your case and discuss your legal options. Take action now to begin planning your defense.

Potential Defenses for Employers Accused of Race Discrimination

The specific ways an employer race discrimination attorney may defend you against accusations of discrimination based on race can vary depending upon a number of factors. The following are simply among the more common defenses that lawyers often used in these circumstances:

Employee Was Terminated, Denied a Promotion, or Disciplined for Valid Reasons

Employees who accuse their employers or former employers of race discrimination often do so if they have lost their jobs, been denied promotions or raises they claim they deserve, or have been disciplined.

If you have fired an employee, refused to promote them, or disciplined them for wrongdoing, you may have had valid reasons to do so. The fact that an employee claims you have treated them poorly due to their race does not mean that they are accurately representing the situation.

That said, simply explaining that you had a legitimate reason to let an employee go or otherwise treat them in a manner that they argue was discriminatory may not be enough to fully protect yourself from a claim or lawsuit. It is best to coordinate with an employer race discrimination attorney who can help you provide evidence and documentation showing that an employee’s accusations are not rooted in fact.

You Did Not Know Discrimination Was Occurring

Employers have a responsibility to vigilantly monitor their organizations for any instances of discrimination. When an employer becomes aware that discrimination is occurring, they must address the situation promptly and thoroughly.

That said, employees who are being discriminated against also have certain responsibilities. Specifically, they need to report instances of discrimination according to the company’s official procedures. If they fail to do so, an employer may understandably not be aware that discrimination is taking place.

Perhaps an employee who has filed a claim or lawsuit due to race discrimination genuinely was the victim of mistreatment. Nevertheless, you could avoid liability if you can show that the employee failed to take the proper steps to inform you of what was happening.

Employee is Lying

Sometimes, disgruntled workers will falsely accuse their employers of race discrimination if they are bitter about being let go, not getting a promotion they wanted, etc.

Naturally, an employer race discrimination attorney can only use this defense in your favor if an employee actually is lying when they claim that they have been discriminated against. That said, if an employee’s accusations are untrue, a qualified lawyer can help you gather and present evidence demonstrating this.

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