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Employer Gender Discrimination Attorney

Gender discrimination in the workplace is prohibited by law. Employers cannot treat employees differently in terms of pay, benefits or other conditions of employment based on gender or  gender identity

 Employers can’t always foresee or prevent employee misconduct, and sometimes there are legal missteps.  There are also instances where despite an employer’s best efforts in creating a workplace free from gender discrimination, an employee accuses his/her/their employer of violating the laws against discrimination.

 If you are an employer who has been accused of gender discrimination, contact an employer gender discrimination attorney at N. Stotler Law as soon as possible. Even if you know an employee’s accusations are not rooted in fact, you need legal representation to get to a resolution as soon as practicable. Our team will ensure you receive a strong defense.

Potential Defenses an Employer Gender Discrimination Attorney Will Use

N. Stotler Law will carefully review the specific details of your case to develop and implement the most effective strategy when an employee has accused you of gender discrimination. Common defenses lawyers use in these circumstances include (but are not limited to) the following:

An Employee Was Terminated, Denied a Promotion/Raise, or Disciplined for Legitimate Reasons

Employees tend to file claims or lawsuits falsely accusing their employers of discrimination when they believe they have been mistreated in some capacity. This often occurs when a worker has been let go, denied a promotion or raise they believe they deserved, or disciplined in a manner that they feel was excessive.

 Perhaps one of your employees has filed a gender discrimination claim or lawsuit in response to what they consider unfair treatment. If so, an employer gender discrimination attorney could potentially defend you by gathering and presenting evidence showing that you fired the worker in question, did not give them a promotion or raise, or disciplined them because you had valid reasons to do so that were unrelated to their gender.

This defense is rooted in consistent and effective record keeping.

You Do Not Have a History of Gender Discrimination

An employee who accuses their employer of gender discrimination may attempt to strengthen their case by demonstrating that an employer has a history of discriminating against workers and candidates of a particular gender.

 An employee who is attempting to argue that you have consistently failed to treat employees of all genders fairly and equally may have to misrepresent certain facts to make their case. If it can be shown that your organization does not have a history of discriminatory practices, a qualified gender discrimination legal professional can assist you in refuting a worker’s claims.

This defense is rooted in effective and thorough policies and training.

You Did Not Know an Employee Was the Victim of Discrimination

 Sometimes, an employee who argues that they have been the victim of gender discrimination in the workplace may not necessarily be misrepresenting the facts. . It is possible that an employee’s coworkers, supervisor, or both have discriminated against them due to their gender.

 Employers must make reasonable attempts to be aware of discrimination when it occurs. They must also address the situation when they learn that employees are being discriminated against.

 That said, most organizations also have official procedures in place for employees to report discrimination. If an employee who has been discriminated against due to their gender has not followed the proper steps, you may be able to avoid liability by showing that you were not aware of the circumstances.

This defense is rooted in an effective investigation.

Contact an Employer Gender Discrimination Attorney

 Being accused of gender discrimination by an employee or former worker can result in serious consequences for both you and your organization if you do not take protective measures. At N. Stotler Law, a qualified employer gender discrimination attorney is prepared to help you guard against false claims of discriminatory practices or behavior. Learn more about what we can do for you by contacting us online or calling us at 724-841-5565 today.